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Our Story

After 20 years in the chimney and fireplace business, New York Distributors Hearth & Home's president, Kamil Lapinski, grew frustrated dealing with unreliable distributors and out of stock materials. He opened his own Hearth & Home Distribution Center in New York to fill that void. His goal: to provide next-day service or, in some cases, same-day service, to our clients in the Tri-State area.


By targeting a smaller sector, Kamil is able to focus on our clients' specific requests, providing them with the materials they need quickly. This approach saves you valuable time and money. His number one priority is to build a lasting relationship with all our clients, providing them with the best and quickest service. New York and the surrounding area demand special attention and Kamil is wiling to provide it. New Yorkers want everything done immediately and New York Distributors Hearth & Home are here to deliver.


Construction Manager

Owner - President - Technician

Owner - Customer Support

Warehouse Manager

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