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Nothing brings people together like the welcoming glow of an open flame. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your family and friends deserve a gathering place as unique as you are. At Flame-tec, we’re committed to connecting you with the parts, service, and professionalism needed to create your own social space of comfort and warmth.

"Ignite your passions."

Flame-tec Weather Beater Electronic Control System

Apollo was the ancient god who ruled over the arts, light and truth. The Apollo series from Legendary Lighting emulates these attributes with a design that parallels the endurance of the sun, expanding into the sky.


This unique, clean design and our signature warming maple leaf flame, make the Apollo a beautiful addition that adds strength and beauty, filling a space that demands attention.

WeatherSmart Power Supply

Simply plug it in, connect to the appliance and download the app for IOS or Android.


The WeatherSmart may be used to control other features that utilize a low voltage transformer such as landscape lighting. One unit controls appliances from 12 volt to 120 volts.


LP Fuel Hookup Kit for Fire Features

Heading 2

For easy hookup of LP fueled appliances. Includes QCC connector, LP regulator, 42 inch flexible gas hose, 24 inch whistle free stainless flex-line, brass key valve with chrome escutcheon, 3 inch key, and air mixer.



Natural Gas Fuel Connection Kit for Fire Features

Fire feature kit for quick, easy hook-up of natural gas fueled appliances. Includes 2, 24inch stainless flex lines, brass key valve with chrome escutcheon, 3 inch key and appropriate fittings.


Visit manufacturers website for more details and specifications.

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