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Gas fireplaces combine the best qualities of traditional fireplaces with possibilities not afforded by classic solutions. These elegant and contemporary units are ideally suited to those looking for convenience. The simple and sublime form is suitable for every type of interior, both modern and classic. LEO offers an uninterrupted view of the flames due to a frame-less structure and simplified construction. A specially-designed burner generates traditional fireplace flames. Flame height adjustment is possible through a Mertik Maxitrol based fumes control system.



Fuel choice possibility

Insert with closed combustion chamber adapted for natural gas or propane gas.

Modern design - High quality

Modern and elegant gas fireplace with a horizontal vision of fire, which fits into any interior, both modern and classical.

Standard ANSI & CSA

Our fireplaces are certified by INTERTEK to comply with the standard ANSI Z21.88 - CSA 2.33 for Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters.

The installation does not require a traditional chimney

Direct-Vent pipe system allows installation in rooms without a chimney. It can be vented horizontally on a outside wall or vertically through the roof.

Comfort- Ease of use

Automatic remote control with thermostatic and time regulation. Adjustable flame height. 

Maximum vision of fire

Specially designed burner provides a realistic vision of the fire, like in a real wood-burning fireplace.

Own power system

Device does not require an external power source. Fireplace can be powered by four AA batteries.

WI-FI module

Controlled via mobile application MyFire. The module can only be connected to a receiver equipped with an SI port.


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US - LEO 200 flames

US - LEO 200 flames

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LEO 100 USA fire vision

LEO 100 USA fire vision

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LEO 100 USA presentation

LEO 100 USA presentation

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Eco friendly and safe solutions

We introduced gas fired fireplaces with the environment in mind. The use of gas fuels significantly contributes to a reduction of CO emissions. Ash, soot and sulphur compounds harmful to the environment are nor produced during natural gas combustion.

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CE Certificate / safety

The highest level of safety is provided by a hermetically closed fire box. The fireplace is equipped with a system which cuts off the gas supply and the fireplace switches off automatically in case of a fault.


Heat under control